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Danny Cunningham Artist

Landscape Artist
Danny Cunningham is a young Irish landscape and seascape artist based in Dungarvan Co. Waterford, Ireland. You can buy or commission paintings from Danny, e-mail him for details.

In his River & Coastal series of paintings Danny uses colour in a very considered way. In his art Danny exaggerates the actual rich natural colours of objects in the damp river valley, enjoying the `peaty` colours of water in flood and the seasonal variations in foliage. 32 of Danny`s paintings are currently available to view on this site.

Danny Cunningham,
Co. Waterford,

Education Crawford College of Art, B.A. - (1st Class Honours) 1994 Limerick School of Art, Dip A.D.T. (1st Class Honours) 1995

Awards Crawford Diploma and Degree Shows received "Painter`s Prize" in 1993 And 1994.
L.S.A.D. Irish Times Award of Year. 1995
Tyrone Guthrie Centre Regional Bursary for Co. Waterford. 2002

Danny graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design, in Cork, with a first class honours degree in Fine Art Painting. During his final year in college he returned home, to Dungarvan, to draw inspiration from the places familiar to him, namely the shallow river beds around Co. Waterford that he used to explore in his scouting days. These paintings, on paper, were huge, some measuring up to twenty feet long by nine feet high. These spontaneous and vibrant paintings won him Crawford`s "Adventurous Painters Prize".

Danny Cunningham At Work In His StudioOver the next few years Danny experimented with unique and exciting compositions inspired by the lush and meandering Tay river valley, near Stradbally. He initially painted in the same `on the spot` style that won him much acclaim in Cork. Gradually, however, he found that this method was somewhat limiting and more could be achieved by working these same compositions onto solid canvases. His approach became more methodical as he began to work not only on the forest but in his studio, building up layers of colour and texture over months and even years. This new method allowed the work to go one step further, creating a new solidity and a greater awareness of light and shade, colour and markmaking. It also allowed Danny to experiment with the many textures of oil paints, applying them with different implements from a plaster trowel to a domestic decorators brush; creating various thicknesses from `elephant skin` to watery translucent varnishes.

In River Painting Danny uses colour in a very considered way. Exaggerating the actual rich natural colours of objects in the damp river valley, enjoying the `peaty` colours of water in flood, or the seasonal variations in foliage.

Over the last few years Danny has moved out from Glenshelane and Tay valleys searching for new motifs on the Finisk, Dalligan and Colligan Rivers. Danny has exhibited in several local and national exhibitions. He also has been `Artist in Residence` on a number of educational projects for the Co. Waterford Arts Office.

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